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What do HVAC contractors do? You likely know that they install and repair furnaces and air conditioners. But their job also involves a lot more than this. The "v" in HVAC stands for ventilation. This has to do with the circulation of air through a space. HVAC contractors therefore install air handling units, large fans, and humidifiers in buildings. A lot of this work is done in the commercial setting, but some is residential, too. You can read more about HVAC contractors and their work on this blog. As you do, you'll discover more about the full breadth of their projects.


Is Your AC Making Squealing Noises? Find Out Why

14 July 2022
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An AC will produce some degree of noise during normal operations. For instance, your AC will make a relatively low and steady blowing noise as air blows through the vents. However, if these noises escalate into squealing noises, they could indicate an underlying issue in the system. Ignoring the noises might strain the unit's operation, causing other components to fail and reducing the system's efficiency. So once you notice this unusual sound, schedule an appointment with an AC repair technician to examine the cause of the noise and fix it. Read More …