Is Your AC Making Squealing Noises? Find Out Why

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Is Your AC Making Squealing Noises? Find Out Why

14 July 2022
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An AC will produce some degree of noise during normal operations. For instance, your AC will make a relatively low and steady blowing noise as air blows through the vents. However, if these noises escalate into squealing noises, they could indicate an underlying issue in the system. Ignoring the noises might strain the unit's operation, causing other components to fail and reducing the system's efficiency. So once you notice this unusual sound, schedule an appointment with an AC repair technician to examine the cause of the noise and fix it. Below are the reasons your AC is making squealing noises.

Fan Belt Is Worn Out or Misaligned

If you have an older unit that is belt-driven, the belt may wear down over time, causing it to fray and tear apart. In addition, if there is debris intrusion into the cabinet, the belt may break. An improper DIY installation also contributes to the belt's misalignment, which makes it kink or twist while running. In this case, your AC repair contractor needs to replace the worn-out belt, install a protection shield and ensure proper belt tension.

Condenser Fan Bearings Are Shot

Contemporary units utilize direct-drive motors to draw air to the condenser coils in the compressor. If the bearings are not well maintained, they may dry out, rub against the metal casing, and squeal during their operation. Consequently, bearing vibration may accompany the squealing noises causing other components to vibrate and loosen. Therefore, you should contact an aircon specialist to replace the bearings and lubricate them so as to avoid damage to the compressor.

Ducts That Are Leaking Out Air

As ducts supply air, they are frequented by constant temperature changes that cause them to expand and contract. Over time, the ducts may develop small holes that leak air to the unconditioned spaces hence a squealing noise. Furthermore, if a foreign object is lodged in the ductwork, it may bend or sag it, increasing static pressure that produces a high-pitched noise. You should engage an AC repairer to seal the leaks in the ducts and eliminate these annoying noises.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant will absorb heat from the air in the evaporator coils and expel it to your home's exterior. However, erosion of the coolant line set may create small holes that leak the refrigerant. Moreover, the line set may degrade over time, causing it to weaken and develop leaks. As the refrigerant leaks from the small holes and narrow openings, you will hear a squealing noise. Therefore, you should engage the services of an AC repair expert to patch the leaks and perform an aircon regas.

A properly maintained AC will produce relatively low noises during its operations. But overly loud and irritating noises are unusual and call for immediate AC repair.

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